Bob & Ellen's Excellent Adventure

Black Sheep Tower House

To The Beach

October 18, 2020 Bob is back! Just in time to catch up on the house, and see the progress we’ve made. He has his own stories to tell, of driving the ’73 911S to Ocean City, NJ on Saturday, which would have been the 2nd annual Porsche Boardwalk Reunion. Cancelled this year because of the pandemic, it was a pretty awesome event in 2019 with about 300 Porsches from over 8 different states, gathering and driving up onto the Boardwalk for the day, right next to the ocean. Check out the photos on our website Bob couldn’t resist the beautiful day, even though we had to cancel for 2020, we’ll be back in Ocean City, NJ in 2021 for sure!

From a New Jersey beach one day to a New Hampshire beach the next day… Bob had to go to his favorite ice cream and seafood stop, The Beach Plum in North Hampton. Ice cream on the rocks. It’s all good.

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