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Black Sheep Tower House

October is Beautiful in NH

October 14, 2020 “Krud Kutter!” (insert dramatic musical crescendo) Look at me clean! Tidying, organizing, sweeping, scrubbing, mopping (yes, its that yellow bucket!) It was exhausting, to be honest. The mopping and the scrubbing of the gross brown stains and stuff on the floor almost did me in. Never mind the crustified mouse poop and unidentified goo in the corners… I was grateful for the wheels on that bucket as I had to empty it SO many times. But worth it in the end, as it looks great (well, in comparison to what it looked like before).

That’s the good news. The bad news is that it rained heavily the day before. It has been a dry summer without any heavy rain, and while we could certainly tell the tower had been leaking for a long time (many years), to see that the water had dripped down 3 stories and puddled in front of the guest bedroom was sobering. Bob was not pleased by this picture (its even worse to get bad news by text) and I was on the phone to Bob L about the tower repairs…. it was definitely past time to make that happen!!

All was not doom and gloom however, as the previous day had brought for a visit my dear friend Phyllis, who was one of the first people I met as a new Porsche Club member in 1993, when she was president of the club. She is retired now, but formerly the principal of an award winning design firm in Manchester, Stibler Associates. She was kind enough to come by and take a look at our “big challenge”, and offer some encouragement and advice. Love her!

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