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Black Sheep Tower House

Cleaning. Ugh.

October 10, 2020 Look at the road, there are so many leaves it looks like a path instead of a dirt road! It’s a gorgeous day. Bob is gone and my time is my own to keep. Now, you would think that a former public school art teacher would be good at cleaning up, and you would be right. BUT, after god knows how many years of doing it, I really just don’t like cleaning anymore… However, I like the results. Clean floors and surfaces especially, for some reason. It was simply and always frustrating teaching ceramics, because neither of those conditions were ever true.

Sydney the chocolate lab is a sun lover (and heat seeker), and since I would be doing battle with dirty things on our “front porch”, the concrete apron in front of the garage, I invited her to join me. Normally we can’t really trust her not to wander obliviously off, following her nose to whatever interesting, dead or stinky thing she can find. At 14, she doesn’t hear well (could also be selective hearing), sees only what she wants to, and her digestive tract cannot tolerate eating stinky things anymore. But today, she was content to bask in the sun (see those drooping eyes?) and keep me company as I went to town cleaning crud with my favorite cleaning product, Krud Kutter. The good news is the view, which is always satisfying.

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