Bob & Ellen's Excellent Adventure

Black Sheep Tower House

What a Difference A Coat of Paint Makes!

October 6, 2020 Now that most of the siding and trim repairs have been made, and the house bleached and cleaned, it is very apparent how tired the paint has become. The large garage was built in 2000, and likely it hadn’t received much paint love since, additionally the backside of the house had been obscured by the trees, which caused further deterioration. After raking away the leaves, we found an odd wire coming out of the back and going into the ground… by tracing it inside we discovered it was part of an electric dog fence (remember the dog enclosure back in the trees?)

There had been some paint left in the garage and Jerry from Caprioli had it matched (we don’t have an actual color name, but it is a mix of black and white obviously, and yellow, go figure) and Donna spent most fair days at the house, painting the main garage first. I was out on an errand and came back to see the peak painted, and was completely shocked at the difference. Bob came out and we just stared at how much darker and dramatic it looked, and in comparison to the bleached out gray, we almost thought it was TOO dark at first! But then of course, we loved it.

Meanwhile, we were still battling the critters…. I don’t have an exact body count for today, but we were closing in on 40. This screen grab shows my obsession with finding a way to catch those pesky chipmunks, this trap puts a new spin on things, don’t you think? We have peanut butter and soda cans, maybe I’ll have to try it!

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