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Black Sheep Tower House

It’s a Car Weekend

October 4, 2020 Most people who know us also know that we are “car guys”, specifically German sports cars – VW’s and Porsches. The reason this house came up on our radar to begin with was the super generous garage space, and then of course we learned about the other cool stuff that pulled us down the rabbit hole. The combined garages can, with some organization, easily hold a dozen or more cars. Both Bob and I are pretty heavily involved in PCA, the Porsche Club of America. Bob has policy and leadership roles, and I’m into high performance driving instruction, along with organizing rallies. This weekend I was due to train instructors in the National Drivers Education program in Indiana, and although I normally love this stuff, I was extremely concerned about traveling during the pandemic. If I backed out, it would cancel the whole training day, so I got tested before and after, masked and distanced with focused intention. Turned out very well in the end, with extremely safe practices overall, and I got to drive a modified Porsche GT3 on the track, which even though I was holding back, was an awesome rush. Including here a couple of images from the trip…..

I flew back on Saturday, arriving late, but we were up early on Sunday heading to the Fox Run Mall in Portsmouth for the last Seacoast Cars and Coffee of the year, and the first since before Covid. Wow, it was mobbed with lots of cars and people trying to get out and enjoy… we didn’t stay long, and were careful to keep our distance. No one was much interested in our older Porsche, not with some of the eye candy on the lot today!

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