Bob & Ellen's Excellent Adventure

Black Sheep Tower House


September 29, 2020 The painters have arrived! Another step in the process. One of the reasons we went with Caprioli Painting is that they have their own lift, and when you have a house with a tower, you have to think big, way beyond extension ladders… The first area of attack was to clean the entire building by power washing with bleach, which was truly needed after years of built up mold, tree gunk, and all that. Donna was up to the task, and worked steadily for days patiently spraying on bleach and power washing it off, moving the lift in stages around the house. These photos were taken from inside the apartment bedroom looking out over the garage shed.

The other bath was being given to Sydney, by me, at the FriendLee (get it) Pet store. Who knew it could take weeks for a new client to get an appointment for a groomer? Pent up demand apparently. After over 6 weeks on what was essentially a dusty and dirty job site, Syd was getting a little ripe, plus she was shedding and itchy and just needed a bath. What you see are the before pictures, when both of us were relatively happy. It is hard to say which one of us was more wet at the end. I don’t think the do-it-yourself dog wash was really meant for big dogs, and at 75 lbs, she couldn’t even turn around in the tub, so I’m going to say that while the idea was good, it won’t be happening again anytime soon….. ūüôā

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