Bob & Ellen's Excellent Adventure

Black Sheep Tower House


September 28, 2020 One of the only things these photos have in common is that they were taken on the same day. What struck me was the contrast in not only the end product as seen today – the gorgeous fall colors outside the apartment skylights and the completely full dumpster of trash being take away – but the process by which these things were achieved. The skylights, offering light and ventilation to the very long and dark apartment, were envisioned back in July, but had to wait for other steps in the process to happen, most notably the roofing. Now they are in, and fortunately just in time to appreciate the turning leaves and fresh fall air. The dumpster was the repository of such a wide variety of cast off items left from the house, as well construction trash like old shingles and rotted wood. While we have made a true effort to reuse, recycle and reimagine many things left in the house, into the dumpster went the collated, collected and saved detritus of this house’s former life, and just like everyone else who has cleaned out a house and garage well lived in for years, there will be stories and memories lost to time with many of these cast-offs. But we have to move on, as they say, and we have a vision for making future memories for this house!

About the dumpster… when I introduced myself to the driver, I asked her how she got into this line of work. She told me that she was a former school bus driver, and in this job the pay was better and she didn’t have to listen to the kids on the bus!! BTW, when the dumpster was weighed, it came in at EIGHT TONS. Whoa.

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