Bob & Ellen's Excellent Adventure

Black Sheep Tower House

Appreciating the Views

September 27, 2020 From the prosaic to the sublime, as they say. Enough of digging in the dirt, it is past time to appreciate the beauty everywhere around us. I have hardly been mentioning how the pandemic has been affecting us, and those around us… it is a constant stressor, sometimes in the background and sometime right in your face. But it is literally a breath of fresh air to get out of our rut to appreciate our surroundings whenever we can, and sometimes we have had to insist on it, to make ourselves take that very necessary break.

A morning walk: The trees are starting to turn, the maples are the first, and going to be SO red. Not a sunny day, but Bob can’t get over how beautiful the colors are, compared to the muted foliage of most of the mid-atlantic states. Our stone wall is back, albeit not as substantial as before but as Bob says, perfect is the enemy of good enough. The fallen leaves disguise the bare dirt, the trails through the woods are so pretty, and the cooler air makes hiking around with the dog so much more pleasant.

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