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Appreciating, Part 2

September 27, 2020 To the ocean! Bob returned from a work trip yesterday and after our morning walk with Sydney, we hopped in Shirley (1994 Porsche 911 C4) and headed for the coast. It is an easy drive on Route 4 to Portsmouth, and then out to Route 1A along the coast, motoring along with the throaty sound of Shirley’s exhaust as a backdrop… we like North Hampton Beach because there is usually plentiful parking, a restroom, the coast walks are so nice, and it is close to the Beach Plum which has a gazillion flavors of ice cream, and great seafood too! The beach itself is smallish, a bit rocky and usually has some washed up seaweed, but we go to walk not sunbathe, so it is fine for us. The morning was quite foggy and still chilly and dense at noon when we arrived, BUT, within 20 minutes the scene was transformed! The sun came out and we sat on the seawall like cats basking in the warming afternoon. A long, leisurely walk with the sounds of the waves, and 3 flavors of ice cream finished off a truly magical afternoon.

On the ride home, we stopped at this tiny British car shop, with a lot of actually unique models crammed into the parking lot on the side of Route 1. Bob was into it. I was just enjoying the bright primary colors and feeling festive after seemingly weeks of chaos and dirt. Almost home, on Stepping Stones Road in Lee, one of our favorite roads for walking and biking, the leaves are turning, the Porsche is cruising, and it is a beautiful end to the day.

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