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Black Sheep Tower House

Back of the House

September 23, 2020 More boring but necessary activity out back today – stump digging, repairing drainage pipes, and installing the wiring conduit for the secondary tank and pump that pushes excess water out to the leach field. Something new every day, things I never knew I needed to know! Some of these photos were taken from inside the “great room” of the house, looking down. I think everyone thinks I am crazy to take so many photos, but if we don’t have them, we will certainly forget some important stuff! My timing must be good, because there is one important photo here that we shouldn’t forget about for the future… the new conduit crosses under the repaired septic line. Hmmm, best be careful digging in the future, because this whole thing started by snagging the pump wiring to begin with (which should have been in conduit, to be fair, and now it is).

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