Bob & Ellen's Excellent Adventure

Black Sheep Tower House


September 16, 2020 Even though my little bathroom project seems futile at times, I am persisting. We joke that it will be the first finished room in the house. It is hot and stuffy in there, and an awkward space for moving a ladder about – I tried setting up the same staging that Adam used, but I am just a little too short to reach the ceiling. Grrr. I am having to do 2 coats of everything, and there is some stubborn stain on the ceiling that keeps showing through… B-I-N to the rescue. BUT, proud of my progress!

Meanwhile, as I am struggling with my small problems, there is a bigger one unfolding outside. Repairing the septic system (we do have a beautifully functional leach field) is requiring a different tank, since the other was so completely root-bound. The arrival of the truck was pretty exciting, since we still are utilizing the facilities at the gym, grocery store and gas station, plus taking advantage of the continuing generosity of our friends (thank you!!). Watching the process of unloading was pretty cool – I have to admit I have learned so many new things since we started this project!

As the operator lowered the main tank into place, it became abundantly clear that the mass of the tank and the volume of the hole were not compatible. You can’t make this stuff up. I had to go inside and give the bad news to Bob; I couldn’t watch anymore.

At the end of the day, the 2 tanks were unceremoniously parked in the dirt by the side of the non-compliant hole, and we were enjoying the awesome new grill from Aubuchon Hardware, our new favorite place. The table was made from some old table legs and discarded lumber found around the house, kind of fun to re-purpose things that we find here. Grilling is good, paper plates even better, since washing dishes is not really an option these days. ūüôā

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