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September 14, 2020 We were back in the saddle again. Ready for taking on whatever comes our way! On Bob’s last trip up, he had brought his bike, which was actually my dad’s old touring bike from back in the day. During August, when I was at the house alone, I had bought myself a gently used Jamis sport bike from Oyster River Cycle and Sport in Durham, only about 3 miles away. There are so many great country roads to ride on, and with so many UNH students in the area, many are bike friendly… It is refreshing to hop on your bike, ride away from the house, and get away from it all. Randy was here working on the septic repairs (unfortunately, nothing had happened in that department during our absence), Bob was on calls and meetings for work all day, and I had taken Shirley (the 964) to Mark’s for an oil change and check up (good thing too, needed a fan belt and a few other things). After a day of that, Bob and I were ready for some fresh air and wind in our hair. Loved that today’s bike ride was interrupted by a procession of turkeys crossing the road. No one knows why.

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