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It’s A Sh** Show

August 22, 2020 Yup, so the reason nothing was going into the septic tank, once we found it, is because it (and the pipe into it) was infested with roots the size of your thumb, maybe even bigger. God knows when it was last pumped out, but certainly the trees and vegetation knew where to find whatever water was available. So, to be clear, since we moved in at the beginning of July, we have no idea where the water and **** was going…. We are, in retrospect, grateful that the washing machine was leaking and we had been doing our laundry at Michelle’s! (thank you, thank you, and also thank you for the shit show graphic :-))

This is nuts. (oh yeah, we retrieved John’s beeper device, it popped out of the end of the pipe when the roots were cleared)

Monday morning, John and Ryan pumped the tanks. It was now completely obvious that the system had not been working for years. The pump in the auxiliary tank to the leach field was entwined with roots, and was so bound up it couldn’t have worked for a very long time.

In conclusion, I hope it has not escaped you that at this point we (and everyone else working at the house) have been “peeing in the woods” for like a week….

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