Bob & Ellen's Excellent Adventure

Black Sheep Tower House

What Was Lost is Finally Found

August 21, 2020 We found the tank. Not at all where the report said it would be, and not without difficulty, but John and his son Ryan prevailed in the end. We are learning a lot of things we never knew we needed to know, but one way to find out where a pipe goes is to flush down a little beeper thing that you can track with a wand. This probably works really well for everyone else, but not us, because our house is “unique”. It got stuck, somewhere.

See the red circle? That bright green blob is John digging around in the trees and vines for the tank cover. See the pike in the ground? That is where the report said the tank was located. Not. How did he find it? By taking a metal rod and probing the ground leading from the exposed pipe, tapping to hear the hollow sound of the pipe as it led toward the tank. Well played.

Next up, Randy got the backhoe going and ripped out a pretty big hemlock and scraped away a lot of scrub and vines to expose the area. It now looks NOTHING like it did before. Also, what we though was a natural ledge along a trail leading to the leach field turned out to be a man-made rock wall along side the tank. It would have to be dismantled, but was a really nice piece of work.

Well, today we made progress, but we are still peeing in the woods…..

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