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Fixed, Not Fixed

August 19. 2020 The septic pipe is patched, but somehow the pipe is blocked between the break and the tank, as a hose and a snake will not go through. The whole thing is a mystery, and we obviously need to get to the root of the problem. Sigh. I almost titled this post “Peeing In the Woods”.

Meanwhile, carpentry is happening on the house, a guy somebody knew (?) showed up to take away the random pile of logs next to the garage (yes, please) so we could have a cleared location for the incoming dumpster. Bob (he’s back, yay!) and I could only speculate on a silver lining…. um, we are finding out there is a septic problem and it is not the day before Thanksgiving?

Also, Steve from the town of Lee Highway and Public Works Dept. stopped by this afternoon. He knew Randy from back in the day and saw his truck here, so decided to introduce himself (and say hi to Randy). Super nice of him, so we gave him the tour and got some more good stories, and some info on the town, etc. (He also wants to be invited to our Open House when we finally finish the house, assuming we have flush toilets by then, haha) He was the bearer of two very good pieces of news: he noticed the many cans and pails of paint and other questionable liquids around the place, and told us that the annual Hazardous Waste Disposal Day was actually the day after tomorrow. AND, he gave us the name of John Shea from Lee who pumped septic tanks.

We got right on the phone to John Shea, who agreed to 1) find the tank (fingers crossed) and 2) pump it. And Steve, bless his heart, offered to stop by on Saturday morning with his truck to pick up the rest of our “hazmat” on his way to the county drop off point.

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