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Black Sheep Tower House

The Black Sheep

August 18, 2020 Yeah, life is a little chaotic and uncertain right now. But I could paint my sheep. I sat on a milk crate in the garage with my brushes, primer and enamel paints, somewhat protected from the dust and noise outside, listening to my iTunes, and ready to create. I sealed and primed both sides, painted the black parts and had fun with trying to make the wool of the sheep look swirly and lighthearted. It took my mind off things. ūüôā Dinner tonight was sushi from Market Basket, and it was a 34 Sheep Road thing, almost everything else in this photo is from the house. The sushi dish is a dark blue ceramic tray with a dragonfly glaze treatment (the dragonflies are wonderful here, they are flying about all the time!), the drinks glass is from the cupboard and we use the long pine table every day, looking out the window at the trees and sunset.

Our new home is only a mile from the “Lee Traffic Circle” where you can find a gas station, the grocery store, a gym, a hardware store, fast food and more, oh yeah, the NH State Liquor store. The sushi is fresh take out from Market Basket, where I was going at least once a day, as well as frequenting the other businesses (wearing my mask of course). Why, you ask? BECAUSE I CAN’T USE MY OWN TOILET! GRRRRR….

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