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August 16, 2020 Two things would make it seem like home, well, actually a LOT of things were needed for that, but 2 would do for now. I wanted to plant some colorful flowers, and I wanted to make my black sheep. Remember the cute white sheep across the road? I have been waiting for the right moment to make our black sheep and it was here. Meanwhile, yesterday I had taken a short drive over to Pawtuckaway Nursery to buy some perennials. I picked out a red-orange variety of Rudbeckia and Black-eyed Susans, which are not only hardy and festive but, drum roll please, the state flower of Maryland!

Planting things and creating or painting things both make me feel soothed and sort of speaks to my inner spirit, and I was definitely feeling like a needed a lift to my spirits. Bob was still back in Maryland and I was on my own…. After digging some holes in some very dry and sandy dirt, which is not fun but necessary to get to the good part of planting flowers, I got a few in the ground and watered. A shower for me and off I went to create my black sheep. Our friends Tony and Michelle have a great 19th century farmhouse in Exeter that they have been renovating forever. That means that Tony has every tool known to man, and an awesome wood work shop where he had kindly volunteered to help cut out my sheep pattern. All I had to do was bring the pattern (made on graph paper that I found in the house) and a few bottles of wine – a win, win for me! As it turned out, one of Tony’s friends was there too and it was so much fun cutting out my sheep that I hardly got a turn myself!

At the end of the evening, I had my still white black sheep, a great meal and a relaxing evening by the fire pit. Feeling much better!


  1. Michelle

    It was fun to see the sheep shape get cut out! Those guys really got into it.

  2. Comment by post author

    So fun! Thank you guys for making things so much easier for us!

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