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Black Sheep Tower House

Horizontal or Vertical, Light or Dark?

August 15, 2020 The really cool room with the windows was an addition to the middle garage, located where the sliding glass doors used to provide entry, and intended to serve as an office for the former owner. The location created some challenges and from the inside you can really see the odd angles of the walls; and the metal roof has unusual compound angles, tilting down and to the side at the same time. (From inside, the rain on the metal roof sounds wonderful.) But, the exterior was never finished. We had to make a choice. Use the dark gray concrete clapboard siding that was used on the main house? Or the vertical light gray tongue and groove cedar siding from the tower? Luckily, there was extra of each type of siding left over from the original construction.

Bob was still in Maryland and we had to decide. The guys put up a piece or two of each so I could get a idea, and I took a photo to send to Bob. It was hard to visualize and as I sat there that evening in the apartment, I realized that maybe instead of managing an art & music department and playing with clay in the ceramics studio, I should have learned Photoshop instead…. But, necessity is the mother and all that, and art teachers have creative DNA, so I printed out the photo and got to work scribbling with white and black colored pencils. Yeah, pretty old school, and fairly ‘sketchy’, but it worked. Bob and I agreed (how often does THAT happen?) that the horizontal dark siding would be the right choice.


  1. Michelle

    You made the perfect choice!

  2. Comment by post author

    A lot more decisions to be made, hope we don’t screw it up!!

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