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Black Sheep Tower House

Work Commences

August 13, 2020 With the back of the house now accessible, Bob Lang and his crew are able to get started repairing the rotten trim and siding. Our initial goal is to button up the exterior of the house, and one of the first things completed was removing the ugly dish on the peak of the garage roof! It is beginning to feel like we are making progress. Meanwhile, Randy still has a lot of tree work to complete out back… and people are starting to take notice. You can see them swivel their heads in surprise as they drive by, catch the house out of the corner or their eye, and realize that things are happening.

Yup, there’s the ugly dish, and also the tall hemlock and dead oak behind the garage that are no more… but we are glad we left some trees, because they frame the garage against the sky. And it will look much better when the new roof goes on too.

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  1. Randall Richter

    Ellen & Bob

    Congratulations and all the best for a successful renovation.

    Randy & Janet

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