Bob & Ellen's Excellent Adventure

Black Sheep Tower House

Such A Deal!

July 26, 2020 Today’s adventure was all mine, Bob was sorting through stuff in the attic or something. So, the apartment was slowly getting more livable – cleaner at least. The “dog couch” was history, we had brought a few rocking chairs and deck chairs, but we were sitting a bit gingerly on the “red couch”. Turns out it was dirty but a good quality couch, and I even looked into getting a new cover for it, but at $225 we decided that would be crazy. Instead I unzipped and took all the covers off the whole thing (yuck) and headed to the Lee Laundromat, where they have really big machines. For a mere $7.00 I was able to wash and dry that thing and wow did it help!

While I was waiting, instead of watching the drum go round, I drove off to a yard sale. Even in Covid times, people were still doing outside yard sales. I had seen a small sign on the way to do the wash, and followed the signs – it turns out it was several miles of country road to get there and I almost gave up, but so glad I didn’t! Good thing I had the SUV and cash in my wallet, because I got all this stuff for 50 bucks, and it all fit in the back!

The oak love seat (just needs a cushion), the “coffee table”/bench, 2 new throw pillows, and an igloo cooler besides. AND, the couch cover is so clean it looks red. Who knew what a thrill it would be to get a deal on some used furniture?? It’s not like we haven’t been spending thousands on fixing the house, haha!

The apartment was improving, but you could clearly see the outlines of its former life as an office before it was repurposed into a living space. The best feature is the set of massive, beautiful mahogany doors to the bedroom, which we were told came from a bank in Boston. We have found another set of them stored in the basement. For a touch of whimsy, Sydney has a new couch color coordinating toy, Lamp Chop, for her new life on Sheep Road. ūüėČ

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