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Black Sheep Tower House

It’s Out There Somewhere

July 20, 2020 There were a lot of trees in the back of the house. There was also a septic tank and a leach field… we knew where the leach field was (800 yards from the house, no, that is not a typo) but the tank had not been actually inspected (inspection done in February 2020) because the camera had become caught on the inlet, the report said. So we only sort of knew where the tank was. It was clear some trees had to come down as the back of the house itself had rotten trim, moss and such from the overshadowing trees on the north side. We thought it would be prudent to let Randy the excavator and tree guy know as best we could where the tank might be, so that he could avoid damaging the system as he began work. The pipe with a red rag on it represents where the inspection report indicated the inlet to the septic tank, after trying to match the winter and summer views… as best possible, based on the hemlock tree and open meadow area.

MTF, as they say, More to Follow….

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