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Ooh, That Smell

July 15, 2020 We drove back on the 15th, with Sydney. It is a very long drive and her longest so far – 9+ hours with potty stops. She can’t jump up into the SUV like she used to, so we got her a ramp – it took her a few tries but she eventually accepted it – with bad grace, much like you would expect from a retriever who in her prime could take down the fattest groundhogs around. However, like any self-respecting, food-motivated labrador, she will do anything for treats. ūüôā It was a hot day so we kept the AC on to keep us all comfy, but when we passed Portsmouth and hit Route 4, we rolled down the windows to catch that unmistakable pungent tidal marsh air… oh yes! Syd the Landlocked Labrador smelled it too!

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  1. Terrell

    Great dog and companion.

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