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Black Sheep Tower House

Behind the Scenes

July 8, 2020 Back to Maryland for a week or so – things to take care of – life, Sydney the dog, Bob’s work…. While the Tower House has consumed our thoughts, we still needed to take care of business, and smell the roses to keep some balance. Sydney the Chocolate Lab is a “senior dog” at 14 years old, and has a few health challenges. She still has her enthusiastic tail wag, but she can’t go for those 5 mile walks anymore, sad to say. She was our son Josh’s dog while he was in HS and we sort of took her on as he went to college at VMI, graduated and began his career as a civil engineer in Texas. She is a VERY good dog and is SO friendly and kind-hearted – everyone loves her.

Our house in Maryland is on 2 acres in the woods, and after 15 years there, I have a good idea what grows well in poor soil and low light. I am excited to plan and plant at the Tower House, although I know it will take a year to actually put plans into action. Bob and I love lilacs and butterfly bushes for the sunny spots, and we both like azaleas, rhododendrons, hostas and other shade loving plants, like the ones we have at home in Maryland – they are in bloom now!

Covid times really change how you look at things, the news is not very positive, although we all are hoping it will get better soon. Because of traveling between states, I have been getting periodic tests, just to be sure. We have been following all protocols, and are very grateful that our family remains safe. While we were home in Maryland, we did do two socially distanced drives – with my parent’s original 1976 BMW 2002 to a wonderful German restaurant for take-out at the Doner Bistro, and heading to a Cars and Coffee with the 1973 Porsche 911S. Fun to get out and feel the wind in your hair!

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  1. Terrell

    Okay, maybe I’m inspired to put together a planting plan for our home of 3 years. My problem are the deer. They seem to eat everything. They’ve mowed down a couple well established rose bushes and new bushes we just bought. Hostas? Forget about it. The deer eat them like chips. We should probably seek help at our local nursery.

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