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Black Sheep Tower House

It’s Cool, Man

July 6, 2020 Summer in NH can become pretty hot, even though you think it should be cool (which it is, excluding the temperature). The apartment is 55′ long with windows at each end, so ventilation is not ideal. Internet shopping delivered big fans, but cleaning was sweaty work! Luckily, Jared Moulton came to our rescue, and fixed the mini-split AC unit that probably hadn’t been run for years, certainly the outside was overgrown with vines and vegetation…. in fact, the reason it would not cool is that a vine had grown inside and wrapped itself into the fan. The casing was also filled with acorns and moldy leaves, and our new/old shop vac (thanks, Sandy) got a workout!

The Transfer Station is cool; Bob loves the transfer station! It is a pretty impressive “drive-through” set up for a small town; Lee has mandatory recycling, and folks take it seriously. A permit for your vehicle is required, and the clerk at the Town Hall was very helpful in getting us set up, especially since we have out-of-state plates until we move here permanently. She was also excited to learn we had bought the “Tower House”, as locals call it, and was pleased it would get finished and lived in (she wants a tour when it is done, everyone wants to know what the tower is like!) 🙂

This week, we also talked to some local contractors about repairing the tower’s leaks and issues from the lightning strike and other issues, and also to clear away some of the trees that were crowding the back of the house. Our initial goal will be to button up the outside of the house, and make sure the systems of the house are in good shape. More to follow….


  1. Michelle

    The apartment looks so much better now! I love reading your blog, Ellen. This whole thing is EPIC!!

  2. Terrell

    Glad you got some circulation in the apartment and some cool air to boot…especially after those long days of cleaning and fixing things.

    You guys must be so excited about this new venture. You’ve motivated me to take on some bigger challenges…I think

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