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Friends Don’t Let Friends Clean Alone

July 4, 2020 Bob was on a mission to get the apartment cleaned and ready for us to stay overnight. It had been sitting essentially vacant for 3 years, since the untimely passing of the previous owner, and the aroma of wet dog and old gym socks had pretty much permeated everything left there. Luckily, Michelle and our friend Ginny and her daughter Alicia showed up, and were up to the task. Ginny brought her Bissell rug machine and wow, did it get put to use on the carpets, and mopping and scrubbing commenced everywhere else. At over 1400 sf, there was a lot of work to do! Bob took on the bathroom, and believe it or not, the oven – which ended up cleaner that anyone could have ever predicted. Curtains down, kitchen sanitized, walls scrubbed, we couldn’t have done it without our friends! Hugs.

Afterwards? Relaxing over dinner and drinks, well deserved!! Thanks again!


  1. Terrell

    Whoa! I saw the mention of an apartment over the garage, but I guess I missed the pictures on the Matterport views. That’s obviously pretty suite, pun intended. You’ve got a home, while the main home is under construction…yeah. Good grief…wonder what the finished square feet will be upon completion?

    • Comment by post author

      The apartment was originally an office space for the manufacturing enterprise taking place below in the garages. Then it became an abode for the owner and his wife, and then was used by the owner’s employees and father for a few years after the owner’s death in a tragic plane crash. Lots of stories, for sure. Not sure about the finished sf, but including the garages, could easily be in excess of 7,000. (insert eye popping emoji!)

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