Bob & Ellen's Excellent Adventure

Black Sheep Tower House

Carpenter Surprise…

July 3, 2020 Our friends and hosts, Michelle and Tony, dropped by to check things out. Luckily Tony is handy with tools, and Michelle has enough enthusiasm to go around for everyone! A house tour and a few cleaning chores to start… Tony was able to fix a leak from the water tank valve, and managed to find a replacement for the oversized water filter, fitting for an oversized house. The filter and bottom of the tank were filled with mud and crud, so we felt a little better about completing that job! But when we were looking in the oil tank room, we kept hearing a scritching noise that we couldn’t seem to identify… Tony and Bob climbed up on the tanks to see where it was coming from – surprise! the wall behind the tanks was filled with a carpenter ant colony – and the wall outside was covered with some kind of rubber type sheathing (remember, this is only Day 2). Luckily a Lowe’s is not too far away, and they carry all kinds of serious insect killing products… sticking a nozzle into the foam insulation and squirting a couple cans in there decreased the sounds of activity dramatically. Sheesh. The permanent solution and repair will have to wait for another day! Enough excitement already….


  1. Terrell

    Wow, the stuff you guys are learning is amazing. New strange chemicals, new bugs, new systems… but look at all the great things – new home, new adventures, new friends, new challenges and a new oversized garage!

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