Bob & Ellen's Excellent Adventure

Black Sheep Tower House

The View from the Top

July 2, 2020 We were up early, and in Beverly Hillbillies fashion, drove to the closing towing a fully loaded U-Haul trailer behind our VW Touareg. The closing went smoothly, just a few signatures on a clipboard, sitting outside the offices on a stone bench in our masks. From there we drove directly to the house, keys in hand! It was ours!

We unloaded all our possessions into the huge garage, in big piles, a hot and sweaty job, and Bob drove off to return the U-Haul. I walked around just looking at the possibilities, and considering the huge undertaking we had just committed to….. gulp.

BUT, look at the view from the top of the tower!!! Holy moly! Taller than the treetops, and maybe just a little scary (ha) climbing a not very secure ladder to get there. Popping out of the hatch and looking out, you can see for miles, though the photos don’t do it justice. Looking down, you can see the 5th floor deck and the roofs of the garages below, and all the trees so close to the back of the house. Click on the images to see them full size, and use the back arrow to return to the post. For some perspective, I’ve included the aerial view of the tower… yikes, what were we thinking!

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  1. Terrell

    That’s quite a unique home. Standing on that tower would probably make me nervous. I wonder what the previous owner had in mind when he designed that tower? What was he interested in seeing from that vantage point? It’d been cheaper to buy a drone

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