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Have U-Haul, Will Travel

Prepping for the trip from our house in Maryland to NH

July 1, 2020 We spent a good number of days assembling all the things we imagined we would need to set up housekeeping in the apartment over the garage. We rented a U-Haul trailer to tow up to NH, and knew that anything large would need to go on this trip – yes, we would want a bed, bedding, dining set, a few pieces of bedroom and living room furniture, some kitchen stuff, some clothes, and from there it was wide open… We had a whole household of “stuff” and a lot of things were duplicative – think garden tools, handyman tools, cleaning supplies, lamps, office supplies, kitchen tools and dishes, and so on! We had lists and more lists.

We arrived in NH in time to do a last “walk-through” with the realtors and accompanied by our friends Michelle and Tony, then headed to their house for the night, tired but excited for the closing in the morning… The funds had already been transferred, and we would sign the papers and get the keys in the morning. Yay! Yikes!

Yes, from the photo you might notice that our Maryland house and the new NH house have some things in common – lots of garage bays, contemporary style, and gray with white trim… hmmm, coincidence?

Sydney the Chocolate Lab was staying with Nancy at “Animal Inn” for this trip, and our neighbors would water the orchids and the flowers in the yard, which were looking wonderful. Who knew that in April when I was planting and nurturing that in July we’d be off on a new adventure?

Our amazing friends Michelle and Tony not only offered us their home as a "home away from home" even during Covid times, but after a long, long drive they made us a delicious lobster risotto dinner which we ate on their lovely back patio. We can never thank you enough! 


  1. Terrell

    Love your orchids! I’m a big fan, but they seem to last just about 2 weeks. Looks like I’m not giving them enough sun. There’s nothing like great friends. You and Bob are very fortunate.

    What’s the larger plan for the house? Is it a second home for the summer, or is it a future primary “retirement” home? Or something else?

    • Comment by post author

      Orchids and friends both need a good amount of sunshine and watering to thrive! 🙂 We will be retiring to this house when it is finished, but we have no fixed date for that – we are a work in progress… things will happen as they are meant to be (she says with confidence). 🙂

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