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Move Out Day Redux

It was really heavy.

June 5, 2020 The previous day was a long one, with some stress on my part, and I was ready to relax a bit. I remembered that when the realtor and I had been ready to leave the day before, he said he would lock everything up – but I recalled that the door to the Conex shipping container had been wide open in the back yard. I wondered if he had noticed that and shut it, so I drove over to check it out. Imagine my surprise when I found the moving van back again and everyone there moving out more stuff!

Granted, they were unable to move the lathe because of it’s weight and lack of an appropriate lift, so I thought they might be back sometime for that. But as I walked into the laboratory on the second floor, the movers were about ready to simply cut off the water pipes under the sink. I said, “Well, we know that the water to the house is turned off now, but when it gets turned on, I’d like to ensure there isn’t a gusher!” The guys did it properly, thankfully, and removed the sink cabinet safely.

In the end, it all worked out ok. A few things I wish turned out differently… some of the ladders probably should have stayed with the house, because they had specific purposes, and I really wish they hadn’t taken off the top of this really awesome old antique-y painted wooden cabinet with drawers. There was a vise attached to the top, and the cabinet was too big to get out the door, so they took the whole top off and carried it away to get the vise, go figure. But I love the cabinet and it will have a home in my art studio, with a new top.

Today would be the last day I could have access to the house before closing, so I took loads of photos. Including the barrels of cutting fluid, so we could start doing our homework. I also made an appointment with the Lee Building Inspector to view the town’s documentation for the property, including any records of the septic system since although we knew where the leach field was (very far from the house) but didn’t have a confirmed location for the septic tank. SO much to think about! Wow. We are really doing this.

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  1. Terrell

    Thank God for young, strong men! I couldn’t do their job. That’s a massive undertaking and you guys are doing it from another state, 500+ miles away. I know Bob really wished he could be there for the pre-closing clearance move.

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