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Black Sheep Tower House

Move Out Day for the “Stuff”

Great guys at Calling All Cargo, hired by the former owners to remove their items

June 4, 2020 The family of the former owner had things they wanted to remove from the house prior to its sale. This move was supposed to occur in February before the house was donated to UNH and put on the market, but was delayed due to Covid concerns and the moving company schedule. Today was the day.

I drove up alone for this event (Bob had to work), and planned to stay for almost a week – I stayed again with Sandy (what an amazingly generous friend!)  The moving van arrived earlier than expected and a team of guys started packing up and taking family owned items.  No lie, it was a confusing and stressful day for me, as some items were supposed to stay with the house, ie: items related to construction and finishing the house, and it was hard to keep track.  The truck was getting full, and more full!  A sticking point in the process was the weight of a very large lathe…the removal of a laboratory sink, and a few other items.

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  1. Terrell

    I’ll betcha those Guys worked hard! Looks like they had some very nice heavy duty tools! Hope you were able to keep some of them. Hopefully they took all those unwanted chemicals. It looks like they would have needed another truck.

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