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Black Sheep Tower House

Long Day, Big Doings

MAY 22, 2020

May 22, 2020 – Back to the house for another look around… it was good to see the place again, and walk around the outside, after having a chance to think about things.  A great stone wall in front, but everything was so overgrown and unkempt after being essentially neglected since 2017.  The previous owner had a shipping container in the back of the house to keep building materials in, and it had also become a catchall for random “stuff”. Behind the “Conex”, there were some very cool trails in the woods…. We also drove around the local roads a bit to see what the area was like.

We drove from the house to Durham just a few miles away, to sit outside with our realtor (masks on) and discuss the paperwork.  After hashing out the terms of our offer, he left to start paperwork and we treated ourselves to ice cream at the UNH Dairy Bar, a great tradition!  The UNH Wildcat was also staying safe….

We went back to the house that afternoon, meeting our friends Michelle and Tony, for a walk around the property.  We explored the woods and were both excited and apprehensive about this BIG adventure!  Dinner that night was with Sandy on the deck of her business office along the river in Exeter, NH.  Lobster roll, yum!!!  We were exhausted – what a whirlwind 2 days!

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  1. Terrell

    My first though after seeing the Matterport rendering was to have Ron Bremer build you guys an ELEVATOR

    That place is Massive! There’s so much potential. My head is almost exploding with ideas!

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