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The Gap

(So this is a post that I wrote during the blogging process and the date and content won’t make sense, but the intent of plopping it in here is the same, to give a tease of what’s to come! :-))

July 26, 2022 Yes, it has been 78 days since I last posted. It was the Monday after Mother’s Day weekend; I was in NH and Bob was sick alone in Maryland (Covid of course) and things just got extremely crazy from there. No excuse on my part really, but certainly a lot of guilt!

So there has obviously been a long gap in my entries, but in that time many, many good things have happened at the house. A lot of challenges along the way, but we are solving them one by one. I can hardly wait to show you the many photos I have continued to take along the way, and I will try to play catch-up quickly!

The blog photo today is one that I took today to text to my mom. A bit of a tease for what is to come! In the meanwhile, we will go back in time, to December 2021 where we will be celebrating “Christmas in July”. ūüôā

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