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Black Sheep Tower House

Tape, Mud & More

February 24, 2022 Taping and mudding is moving up, floor by floor, following the drywall installation. They are methodically working from the bottom to the top. The main image kind of gives a sense of how the space within the house is just filled with progess, hope and chaos, by turns. We are continually amazed.

Up the stairs to the 4th floor, where we intend to have a sculpture displayed at the top, more on that later. And a view from the top of these stairs. looking down. and another from the stairs that shows the ceiling and wall of transom windows – and the insane staging which is allowing this all to happen.

I never know if I should put the text before the photos, or after the photos… which do you think is best? First floor drywall finishing is happening. I wanted to try those stilts! But…. I figured I’d fall on my face, so discretion and all that.

After the guys left each day, I’d go around taking photos and FaceTiming Bob with the day’s progress…. from the catwalk looking down, the skinny train room, looking into the captain’s room… there was always something new to see!

Andrew of Select Cabinetree, our kitchen cabinet guy, suggested another granite, Jet Mist, to go with our cherry cabinets. It has some swirly white patterning in the black. The small piece is Absolute Black …. but we weren’t able to get a sample of Cambrian black. It definitely looks quite different depending on the natural light. We do think we have a winner in the hardware department… we love the simple style of the drawer pulls and knob, by Top Knob, and the “graphite” color is perfect for our appliances and really any of the black granites. The black handle seems too severe, but we will still consider it, since we’ll have a good long time to think before the cabinets get here, are installed and the other elements start to come together!

These stone samples are honed finishes, and look how the strong sunlight affects their appearance. I remain convinced that we don’t want polished, but Bob is still lobbying for his choice. ūüôā

Signing off with some Scarlett cuteness. She loves Ella the dog, and they spend lots of quality time together looking out the window at the traffic, one of their favorite things to do!

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