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Another Drywall Day

February 12, 2022 These guys know how to crank it out. We are fortunate to have a small experienced team who do such high quality work. Considering the times, it is to Scott’s credit that he has the right contacts for the very best subs. Kevin and Jessie Benway are doing it right (and don’t forget Dave the Mudder).

Meanwhile in the basement, Mudder Dave is happily doing his thing. 🙂 I got him to promise he wouldn’t go to Florida until he finished here. LOL

And behind the scenes, Scott wants to know what we want for window and door trim… Well, what we really wanted it turns out we can’t have. We already have white mulled windows, there’s no changing that. So no trendy black windows, and the wood trims we wanted? Will they look right with the white windows? Probably not. (There’s more, but let’s not get into it now.) What about the drywall returns for the windows? Won’t that look bland with the vast expanse of wall we have, and will there be any contrast? And, besides. Scott, Jason and Todd are known for their perfectly crafted millwork – it is one of their sweet spots. It is becoming clear to us that the house wants what the house wants! And it’s not any of these pictures that you see below. 🙂

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