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White, Out and In!

February 4, 2022 In 3 days, our favorite (and so far only) drywall guy Jessie has transformed the basement! It is rather thrilling, after all this time (18 months) to see rooms appear where before we could only imagine their outlines as we looked through studs – like we were just seeing the bones of an extinct velociraptor stuck in the mud, and now we could see the actual living creature. (Ok, but you get the idea)

While this was happening, I spent some time out hiking the trails on snowshoes. I was able to find my way around some of the neighboring land, but there are old logging roads on our 10 acres and the 25-ish acres formerly associated with our house and now owned by the University of New Hampshire. So refreshing, I love this!

Turns out a few local snowmobilers do too, although their routes were stymied by fallen trees. That’s fine with us, we prefer the quiet. Although it is easier to snowshoe in snow machine tracks, it is more satisfying to make your own tracks and find your own path.

So, here’s Jessie working his magic, starting from the basement first!

The big sheets go up easy and fast. We are fortunate that Jessie is actually a very experienced union drywaller who is working on the side with his dad’s small company. He has mad skills – accurate, tidy, and fast.

Wow, we have rooms!!!!

Meanwhile, upstairs, Jason and Todd are boxing in the chases around the HVAC vents. Not a fun job, but as usual they come out looking perfect, like they were always part of the plan.

A very good week, and SO exciting!

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