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January 29, 2022 So many decisions to make, and it is rather overwhelming. Think about it, fixtures we are being asked to pick out now won’t be installed for months, many months… at this point it could be years, haha. Will they go with the style and wood choices for the vanities or kitchen cabinets? What flooring might match the cabinetry, the wall color choices, the ceiling we finally decide upon? So, we are considering these forays as fishing expeditions, to educate ourselves and refine our tastes and opinions.

Look at all the tile choices! Good grief. We are thinking we want large format porcelain tiles throughout the main floor, on top of the radiant heat. We imagine walking around in our socks on the heated tile floors in winter, and bare feet on cool tiles in the summer! Bob loves slate, and both of us want a medium to dark gray stone-look. Our whole idea for the house was all about the natural look of stone, wood and then the already existing aluminum structural elements.

The bathrooms…. tile, shower stalls, fixtures…. we have planned to include a seat in the enlarged primary bath (4×5′) shower stall, and the shower base and bench arrived by truck. Flashback for the neighbors on our little dirt road to the days of semi tractor trailer truck deliveries for the previous owner’s business. Luckily, the dirt road is wide enough and straightforward enough for the trucks to pass through. And a few inspo photos thrown in for kicks!

There’s a furniture store named Hubbington’s that I’ve passed by for years but have never stopped in. Well, I finally did, and considering the prices of new furniture, for the foreseeable future we’ll be sitting on milk crates in front of that spectacular fireplace in this amazing new house worthy of a feature in Architectural Digest! That is, when and if it is ever finished, haha. Oh, so here’s a fun fact…. our friends, in the beginning, all wanted us to submit this house as a make-over feature for This Old House. (They choose one house per year somewhere nearby to their home base in Boston.) Can you imagine? Hindsight and all, but they would have quickly been over their heads, haha, pun intended. But seriously, we know in our hearts that Scott and the guys are the right team to do this house justice. ‘Nuff said.

BTW, I love that table, but those are the ugliest ceramic vases ever, and that’s coming from a former high school ceramics teacher who has certainly seen it all. ūüôā

And now for a little Scarlett fix, for those who love her cuteness.

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